So Long Pollyanna
01 Jan 2009 | Folk/Americana



An audiophile from birth, Jen grew up with a healthy appreciation for music as well as a drive to seek out and discover new talent. “I was the girl who would hear a song on the radio and then would go order the album from my local record store,” Sygit boasts, “then I would go make mix tapes for all my friends and family.” In 2011 Jen took her love for playlists public when she created and became the host of the Eclecticana Radio Show on WLNZ 89.7fm LCC Radio (aka Lansing Public Radio). Eclecticana (Eclectic + Americana) provides a platform for independent artists in the roots music world to introduce their music to a broader audience, while still paying respect to the founders of the genre. You will hear Americana, folk roots, bluegrass, acoustic blues, swing and songwriters from around the block or around the globe.

The show airs Fridays 1-3pm ET and re-airs on Saturdays 5-7pm ET on 89.7fm WLNZ in the greater Lansing area.

You can also stream the show online at: or listen via your smartphone with the (free) TuneIn Radio App. Search WLNZ.