June 2019

Jen wins Best Americana Song at the 17th Annual Independent Music Awards in NYC!

So excited to announce that I won Best Americana Song at the 17th annual Independent Music Awards in NYC in June for the title track to my latest release “It’s About Time”. I share this award with my comrade and collaborator Dominic John Davis who co-wrote, produced and played bass on the winning tune. Team Sygit also won a second award via our good friends at Rebel Pictures! Michael McCallum was awarded Vox Pop/ Fan Favorite for Best Director of a Music Video for Jen Official Video for “Love is Wild”! The competition was stiff and I remain unbelievably honored to be recognized in these highly competitive categories among so many talented artists.
Hope you’re all enjoying these summer weeks- don’t forget your sunblock and I’ll see y’all at a festival or concert real soon. Much Love,     Jen

January 2018

Luther Dickinson and the curious case of Capricorn Coincidence…

Through the generosity of my community of fans and friends I’ve found myself back in the studio this winter recording my fourth studio album “It’s About Time”.  From the start this record has felt like a cosmic event, as though the stars were auspiciously aligned to make this recording a reality.  It has been almost nine years since my last solo release and I was beginning to feel a bit fatalistic about the process, despite experiencing a fresh burst of creativity.  Then in the spring of 2017 my long time friend and collaborator Dominic John Davis sent me an email saying it’s about time for a new Jen Sygit album and suggesting that he would be interested in producing the project.  Besides being one of the best bass players in the business, Dom also has a deep well of musical knowledge and makes a damn good right hand man.  In short, he gets things done. So having Dom offer his skills to the project was a huge catalyst and the first in a series of cosmic coincidences that allowed my new record to be.
I’m not gonna delve into all the reasons why this project is being guided by the universe because I don’t want to lose your attention, but I am gonna tell you about perhaps the biggest and most exciting coincidence of the project.
While recording at La Luna in Kalamazoo, MI, it turned out that Dom’s friend and sometimes bandmate Luther Dickinson (North Mississippi Allstars, The Black Crowes) happened to be in Michigan the week of the session opening for Big Head Todd and the Monsters at The State Theater in none other than… Kalamazoo, MI.  So on the afternoon of January 18th, Luther hailed a cab to La Luna and in the spirit of coincidence he recorded some killer electric slide guitar on one of the tracks on my forthcoming album.  (Note: This is the part of the story where I start giddily laughing and jumping up and down like a fan girl).  Beyond my sheer delight at simply hanging with him (he is truly one of the nicest and gentlest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting) and having him on my album (giddily laughing again), January 18th also happened to be Luther’s birthday.  And here’s where it gets really weird… the most amazing coincidence of all is that my birthday is January 19th, the following day and so the session/visit ended up being a birthday present to both of us.  Dominic dubbed it a case “Capricorn Coincidence”.
And that’s the story of how Luther Dickinson played on a track on my new album. (giddily laughing)
Happy New Year and thanks for visiting friend,     Jen